Tai Chi For Beginners

Tai Chi For Beginners

There are certain things that you should know before you start practicing Tai Chi as no matter what you want to start, it is always better to know what it is exactly and what its fundamentals are, on which it is based. Here are the 5 things that all Tai Chi For Beginners enthusiasts should know and they are:

•    It is important that you choose the best Tai Chi style depending on what goals you want to achieve. Different Tai Chi styles offer different benefits like Wu style Tai Chi For Beginners is best if you want to meditate.

•    The physical movements that beginners are mostly concerned about in Tai Chi comprise only 5% of the entire Tai Chi art. The remaining 95% is all about getting the 16 components of your internal power integrated.

Tai Chi For Beginners•    Learning  Tai Chi For Beginners consists of 7 basic stages and it is important that you learn Tai Chi, you know where you are on the map as that would help you in overcoming obstacles and setbacks and you will be able to reap in deeper benefits by practicing Tai Chi.

•    You need to very patient in order to learn Tai Chi For Beginners. It takes a lot of time to progress from one step to the other.

•    Though not all Tai Chi teachers are equal in the sense that they follow the same style, his or her ability to impart you knowledge and skills to teach you the same is invaluable to your growth and progress.

Tai Chi Fundamentals

It is hard to say what Tai Chi For Beginners is, as even after many years of practice, many students consider themselves to be beginners when they see a very high level master at work.

There is no landmark to define Tai Chi For Beginners, Tai Chi for intermediate and Tai Chi for the advanced as there is no set of rules and practices governing the same. Criteria of what makes up the beginning, intermediate and advanced methods vary greatly amongst the individual teachers and in different Tai Chi schools.

While there are some teachers who have complete knowledge related to Tai Chi and its rich tradition, there are teachers who do not possess the same. What is considered to be very advanced by one Tai Chi group can be thought of to be something marginally above the basics by some other group.

In Tai Chi classes, you can expect to learn the following

•    Sequences of various Tai Chi movements

•    Coordination

•    Basic body alignment

•    Ways to protect your joints and

•    The 70 percent Tai Chi rule of moderation

Tai Chi For Beginners: Treasures

All Tai Chi practices are based on three treasures and they are body (jing), energy (chi) and spirit (shen). It is both a body practice and energy practice methodology that was discovered in China in 13th century and no matter whether you want to connect to your spiritual self or not, you will surely be much healthier.

Tai Chi For Beginners: Body

The body acts as the physical container that allows the flow of energy and spirit. Hence, it is important that the body stays fit as that is required for optimum performance, health and longevity. Tai Chi involves exercising you to the fullest and this can be done in the best way when you understand the body mechanisms and realities.

Tai Chi For Beginners: Energy

Tai Chi is legendary martial arts and many Tai Chi masters’ abilities are derived from the development of functional subtle energies in the body. Here is where there are a lot of secrets hidden and hence, it takes people many long years to master Tai Chi.

Regular Tai Chi practice would improve your life-force energy and offer extraordinary healing abilities and for people who are psychically developed, they would learn how to smooth their energies and use it in the right way.

Tai Chi For Beginners: Spirit

The spirit works in liaison with the mind and the invisible spirit that resides within the body. Spirit actually tells the jing and the chi as how to work and involves the art and sciences of meditation. It is important to make use of the spirit’s energy well as that would let you obtain emotional balance, engage your true power and give you inner peace.

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